One of the issues I experience with people who are hiring people is the hope that the new hire will magically solve a bunch of the problems in his/her department or business. People with this mindset often end up “churning” people, because the “new hire” rarely meets his/her expectations. Many people hiring others are focused on hiring the “right” person. There is no such thing as the “right” person. Having this mind set reminds me of the old TV program “Fantasy Island.”

      Yes, we can help you hire people more effectively, but this requires looking at your whole system. Quality hiring practices are linked to quality training, quality management and quality leadership. Hiring is the human foundation of the business system. If we look at it from a football metaphor, you can hire the best running back available, but if his teammates don’t know the plays, don’t know how to block and lack strength the great running back will be a miserable failure. Sadly, many businesses operate in this fashion and end-up churning people, because the context of the workplace is so disjointed. Good people become poor performers, because of the disjointed context of the organization.

Photo by langdu/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by langdu/iStock / Getty Images

      Our hiring coaching helps you understand and build your hiring system. We want you to hire quality people, who are excited about the opportunity to join your company and be trained to be successful in his/her role.  People often make the mistake of hiring for experience. What they don’t realize is a person may have 10 years of experience, which really equates to 1 year of poor training and performance multiplied by a factor of 10. You are hiring a person with poor work principles, very hard to change and generally ends-up leaving or being fired from his/her position.

Here is a basic outline for a successful sales team.

  1. Establish clear principles, values and behaviors inside of your organization, understand your culture (profiling salesforce to understand low risk, moderate risk and high risk employees).
  2. Using the profiles of existing employees and our experience, profile candidates, use their responses to assist in the interview process and making the determination regarding the candidate being low, moderate or high risk.
  3. Identify an area(s) to recruit which includes establishing relationships in those areas who want to refer people your way.
  4. Create a training program that gives the candidates tools and measurements for his/her success.
  5. Support the candidate as they move from the basic training in his/her transition to actually selling to customers.
  6. Provide sales managers with tools to coaching individuals and the team as a whole.

       This kind of process will create successful sales, success is attractive and attractive organizations attract better candidates for all positions. Without this kind of process your sales organization will be stuck in what I call, "The Doom Loop." Let us help you create a vital organization. Call, text or email Dr. Doug Adams (cell 831-245-8075 or email,